Most people think of their brain as an organ that makes their bodies function, regulates all of the body’s processes, and is where they hold their smarts. And that is all true, but it goes further than that. The brain affects every single part of your body and plays a much larger role in many of the processes than most people may think.

Here are a few ways that your brain affects your body.


Your brain impacts your immunity. An unhealthy brain results in an unhealthy body. This can come from stress, poor eating, or not getting enough sleep, but the result is the same. It can lead to a compromised immune system and you could find that you are getting sick more often.

Part of it comes from the unhealthy environment but it also comes from the effects of an unhealthy brain.

Mental Health

An unhealthy brain can impact your mental health, just as a healthy brain can help to boost your mental health. When you aren’t taking care of your brain, it can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. This begins a decline that tends to lead to poor diet, sleep deficiency, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Poor mental health is the impetus for many physical health issues. At the very least they can exacerbate them by creating an unhealthy physical environment as well as creating an environment where you slip into behaviors and practices that aren’t really good for you. It is a very slippery slope.

Organ Function

Our organs which include the heart, lungs, and liver are all regulated by the brain. They rely on a healthy, well-functioning brain in order to work at an optimal level. When that isn’t happening, organ function can suffer.


Your brain plays a large part in your healing. When your brain is functioning as it should your body just works better. But a brain that is sleep deprived or undernourished or not properly hydrated will not serve you the way it should or the way it needs to.

This leads to slow healing. You might find that wounds don’t heal very fast or that you have a hard time recovering from strenuous activity. While those things can also point to other medical conditions, they can also indicate a neurological problem or a problem with a stressed-out brain.


Digestion is one of the most basic functions of the human body and it is affected by the brain. When your brain isn’t working as it should, you will notice that your digestion will likely be off as well. You might experience heartburn, indigestion, and stomach upset. These are all common symptoms of imbalances in the body – and they start with the brain.

Our neurofeedback service helps you to rewire your brain so that the effects of stress and environmental issues don’t impact you as significantly. The treatments are simple, non-invasive, and painless, yet they get incredible results.

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*Sandstone Center for Neurofeedback does not diagnose medical conditions. Sandstone Center for Neurofeedback is a nonmedical, medication-free program for children and adults who struggle.