Sandstone Supports: Your Support Community

We are excited to announce a new program we have here at the Neurofeedback Center called Sandstone Supports. Sandstone Supports is just as the name implies, a free value-added support arm of our clinic. Sandstone Supports meets once a month. 

#FindYourTribe is designed for caregivers who have children with mental health issues. It’s an open discussion format that allows caregivers to meet other caregivers who get it and can relate to what they’re going through with no judgment. Safe talk and an environment of connection, not criticism with your peers.

For more information about where and when Sandstone Support meets, please feel free to contact us below.

Self-care is so important. Make a commitment to join Sandstone Supports today.

Dawn Kuhn
Director of Community Relations
Sandstone Center for Neurofeedback

Cell: +1 (713) 306-8871