5 Fast and Fun Brain Facts

Transcript of Neuro Nugget Video:

Did you know the brain has some amazing powers? I wanted to share some of our favorite facts about the brain with you. Here are five fast and fun facts about the most complex organ you have, your brain.

Number one, our brain is the equivalent of 4,883 iPhone 13s. While there are tasks that modern computers can carry out that the human brain can’t, our minds still have technology beat in some aspects. The human memory size can hold the equivalent of 2.5 million gigabytes of data. To put that in perspective, an iPhone 13 max capacity is 512. London’s taxi drivers are famous for knowing every back road and alternate route, and researchers found that the drivers had larger hippocampuses, the brain’s major player in memory. The study suggested that the more information someone has to memorize, the larger their hippocampus will become. Meaning we could potentially create even more brain storage capacity. Brain training exercises that improve your memory capacity are now as easy as playing a game on your iPhone.

Number two, our brains are chatty. Why is meditation so difficult? Well, because our brains have trouble shutting up. The average person has up to 70,000 thoughts a day. Research also suggests that our brains are actually only wired for 10-minute attention span intervals. The reason behind this is the constant stimulation our brains require. Quieting down our brain’s thoughts with meditation has shown to be hugely beneficial to our mental and physical health. Start small and work your way up to longer, more frequent meditations.

Number three, most of your brain weight comes from one area. The average brain weight is 3 pounds, but much of the human brain’s weight, about 85%, is in the cerebrum, the largest part of the brain. It makes sense that the cerebrum is the biggest section. The brain’s number one priority is safety and much of this happens in the cerebrum. It’s the section responsible for survival-related tasks like judgment, problem solving, temperature regulation, movement coordination, and functions related to the five senses among others. The heaviest part of the brain is also the most developed part of the brain.

Number four, brains are like fingerprints. To the untrained eye, every brain looks the same, but actually, no two people have the same brain anatomy. Your brain is the only one in the world like it because of the experiences that influenced your brain development, what you’ve learned along the way, and genetics and the more you experience, the more you’re wiring continues to change. It was only until about 30 years ago that scientists realized how different brains are from each other. Since every brain is unique, mental health management must be tailored to the individual.

Number five, the body below your neck greatly impacts what’s above it. Body health is absolutely related to brain health. What you put in your stomach will affect your brain’s performance, hence the term brain food. Staying hydrated is really important, too. If you are dehydrated by just 2%, you may start to notice decreased ability in focus, memory, and cognition. As more evidence that water loss from the body affects the brain, we’ve learned that 90 minutes of sweating can aid your brain as much as one year by actually shrinking it. Exercise and brain health go hand in hand. Those who exercise regularly over time, doing more than the recommended minimum, can actually slow down the brain’s aging process by up to 10 years.

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February 22, 2023