Talk to a Mom Who Has Been There

Dawn Kuhn was a client at Sandstone Center for Neurofeedback long before she became the Director of Community Relations. She’s a mom of two kiddos who were really struggling. From mood swings to meltdowns, they were struggling with symptoms like anxiousness, impulsivity, inability to focus, an overall lack of motivation, and social withdrawal.

Dawn tried EVERYTHING to help her kids. Lots of doctors. Three different medications. But after five years, she wasn’t getting anywhere.

Then she found out that brain waves can become disregulated… just like the thyroid, or blood pressure, or blood sugar levels. Dawn learned that when the brain waves are unbalanced – it can cause the kind of symptoms her kids were experiencing. Her research led her to discover neurofeedback… a way to permanently regulate her kid’s brain waves WITHOUT medication.

Now Dawn’s kids are off ALL of their medications and she wants others to know NOW what she didn’t know in those hard, early days. Neurofeedback changed the course of her life and her kid’s lives.

If Dawn’s story sounds familiar to you, she would love to give you some straightforward, honest answers about what neurofeedback can do for your family.